Never have there been more threats to the open web and WordPress. Over three hundred million dollars has been spent in 2016 advertising proprietary systems, and even more is happening in investment. No one company in the WP world is large enough to fight this, nor should anyone need to do it on their own. We'd like to bring together organizations that would like to contribute to growing WordPress. It will be a small group, and if you or your organization are interested in being a part please fill out the survey below.


By working together we can amplify our efforts to bring open source to a wider audience, and fulfill WordPress' mission to truly democratize publishing. — Matt

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What would you like to bring to the table for the group? This is a good place to talk about your experience, or what your company is investing into marketing WP already.

Would a time commitment of 3-4 hours of online meetings a month, and ad hoc work in between, be okay?